Be aware of the extended deadline: July 15th 2016 for abstract submissions!

We are happy to announce this year´s sessions:

  1. From egg to juvenile: Advances and novel applications to study the early life history stages of fishes
    Franziska Bils, Maik Tiedemann
  2. Dissolved organic matter in aquatic systems: Assessment and applications
    Rafael Conçalves-Araujo
  3. Fighting eutrophication in shallow coastal waters
    Nardine Stybel, Dr. René Friedland
  4. Deep, dark and cold – Frontiers in polar and deep sea research
    Alexandra Schoenle, Tom Langbehn
  5. Going global: Invasive and range-expanding species
    Simon Jungblut
  6. How do communities adapt?
    Giannina Hattich, Luisa Listmann
  7. Marine species interactions and ecosystem dynamics: Implications for management and conservation
    Dr. Xochitl Cormon, Moritz Stäbler, Alexander Keth
  8. Coastal and marine pollution in the Anthropocene: Identifying contaminants and processes
    Anderson Abel de Souza Machado
  9. Social dimensions of environmental change in the coastal marine realm
    Janne Rohe, Stefan Partelow, Martin Lukas, Eric Tomatey Lawer, Katie Nelson, Rebecca Borges
  10. Phytoplankton: Are we all looking at it differently? Diverse methods and approaches to the study of marine phytoplankton
    Ingrid M. Angel Benavides, Larissa K. Schultze
  11. Coral reefs and people in changing times
    Ryan McAndrews, Jan-Claas Dajka

You are willing to contribute your research outcomes to one of the sessions above?

Please prepare your abstracts for oral and or poster presentation (350 words max) for submission to one of the sessions above following the guidelines shown on the website and send it to abstract(at) until 15th of July latest.

The session chairs will assess the quality of submitted abstracts and will select oral and poster presentations for YOUMARES 7 based on objective criteria.

Please look at the submission guidelines prior to sending your abstracts.