Remember your last conference or bigger meeting, where a caterer provided coffee and big piles of these little white cups (I call them hospital cups) were used? To me that is always a feeling of anonymity. Often you put your cup down, turn around and forgot which one was yours. In the next break you take a fresh one anyway…

However, a colorful and sometimes weird cup or mug belongs in every lab ;-). I don’t know how our thesis work would make any kind of progress without the morning, afternoon, or late evening coffee or tea. And the breaks with the colleagues seem to be huge support since a lot of people mention the nice atmosphere at the acknowledgement of their thesis.

So, bring your own cup to swap! Ask your parents or grandparents maybe or someone who moves houses, often they can spare one. Maybe you have one which you don’t mind to swap anyway. If you don’t bring one (for example because of travel arrangements or you can’t spare one) then don’t worry! Some of us locals will bring some more. Everyone will be able to use one and take it home. For example, I bring one from my student time where I scored an institute cup for holding my tooth brush from a house mate which he then simply forgot.

We will have access to a kitchen with possibilities to use the sink or even dishwasher to clean your cup in-between ;-). So let’s make the difference and enjoy this sustainable and fun way to bring new memories into our labs back home.