In a world where we are constantly confronted by environmental emergencies, the challenge for scientists to define problems and find solutions are getting more and more urgent. We believe in the power of shared knowledge and want to JOIN FORCES from the marine realm at this year’s YOUMARES 11conference. No matter if you are a marine scientist, marine engineer, innovator in the marine field, belonging to an NGO, a social scientist or an expert in marine governance and policy WE INVITE YOU to create an interdisciplinary hotspot with us. 

WE ARE CALLING for young professionals, marine enthusiasts, early career scientists (Bachelor, Master and PhD students as well as PhDs), and young innovators to PRESENT and COMMUNICATE YOUR RESEARCH, PROJECT, IDEAS OR INOVATIONS atYOUMARES 11 in one of the following Sessions.

Session 1: The microscopic engines of the oceans: role and strategies of marine microbes in a changing world

Session 2: Assessing the real concentrations of microplastic and their actual effects on marine biota

Session 3: Coral restoration & marine conservation

Session 4: Fjord systems: Ecology, bentho-pelagic coupling, and anthropogenic impacts

Session 5: How do marine key species respond to a rapidly changing environment?

Session 6: Extracting non-renewable resources from the oceans: challenges and opportunities from the perspective of social acceptance

Session 7: Offshore energy – talking about challenges and chances

Session 8: Machine learning in the marine sciences: opportunities and challenges

Session 9: Let’s talk business – career perspectives for scientists in the maritime industry (closed session – no applications possible)

More information about the content and goals of the sessions you can find on this website.

You can choose the format of your presentation:

  • Oral presentation (15 min)
  • Flash talk (5 min)
  • Poster presentation

Depending on the number of abstracts submitted, authors may be asked to change the format of their contribution to either oral presentation, flash talk or poster presentation.

Abstracts of all presenters at the Youmares 11 will be included in the conference booklet.

To SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT, please follow these steps (please prepare everything in English, as this is an international conference): 

  1. Write your Abstract:
    1. Indicate which format you choose: Oral, flash, or poster
    2. Indicate in which session you would classify your research in
    3. Title (max. 20 words)
    4. Names and affiliation of the author and co-authors
    5. Abstract: short but significant (max. 350 words, not including title and author information)
    6. Use the “Abstract-Template_Youmares2020.dot”, which you can download below this call
  2. Attach your most recent CV
    1. Your CV should at least include your field of study, current level, achieved degree(s) and current employer/working group, if applicable.
  3. Send everything as one PDF file and your abstract additionally as .doc or .docx document to: abstract@youmares.org

We are looking forward to your abstract submissions – inspiring talks, great posters, and interesting conversations!

We are looking forward to JOINING FORCES at YOUMARES 11 with YOU

Or as Yoda would say: *DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY*

Your YOUMARES 11 organization team