YOUMARES is the name for the international conference of young marine researchers and engineers organized by the study group of the German Society for Marine Research (DGM).

In September 2013 twelve months of preparations ended up in a great 2.5-day conference with high quality oral and poster presentations, excursions on and around the water, a fruitful science-to-business-meeting, lots of discussions, questions, answers, ideas and new connections.
We hope, you enjoyed it as much, as we did


YOUMARES 4 in numbers
150 participants, 45 young science committee members, 20 guests and invited speaker, 18 team-members = 233 young and eager scientists were actively involved during YOUMARES 4. It was a great success with a record of contributions: 90 abstracts, divided in 53 talks (incl. invited & keynote) and 35 Posters. Participants came from 56 different universities/institutions and represented the following countries: Netherlands, UK, Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Brazil, France, Iran, Argentina, Indonesia, Ethiopia.


Awards! Awards! Awards!
As a long time supporter, SPRINGER sponsored awards for each, the three best poster and oral presentations:

  1. Poster Presentations
    1.  Ramona Brunner – Session 9 – Who benefits the most? - Photosynthetic responses to light and nutrient enrichment.
    2.  Pia Kegler – Session 7 – Stressing coral reefs – combined effects of organic pollutants and ocean warming
    3.  Astrid Böhmer – Session 10 – Responses of the cold-water coral Desmophyllum dianthus to future CO2 concentrations
  2. Oral Presentations
    1.  Daan Mes – Session 9 – Light harvesting strategies of benthic cyanobacteria on a coral reef on Curacao
    2. Megan Nowell – Session 6 – Composition, configuration or complexity: spatial metric to manage disturbed seascapes
    3.   Julia Hämer – Session 6 – Uptake, Transport and Deposition of Microplastics in Marine Isopods


Collection of Contribution & RIMSE
You can find the complete abstract compilation here.
The conference book “RIMSE - Recent Impulses to Marine Science and Engineering” is available as exclusive book edition only. Please order via our DGM office . The regular prize of 10 € includes shipping within Germany. Of course, it can also be sent to other countries. Please contact us regarding the shipping costs.


Thanks to our supporters!
With great support we were able to provide and conduct YOUMARES 4:
Graduate School Carl-von-Ossietzky University, EWE Foundation, SubCtech, Fraunhofer EMB, German Association for Marine Technology (GMT), Hydrobios,ALDEBARAN Marine Research & Broadcast, HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences


Young scientists were part of the pilot project PLARIMAR „PLAstic in RIvers and the MArine Realm“. You can be a fan on sciencestarter or 'like it' on facebook


You are wondering about YOUMARES 5? Well, we are in discussions about the partner and the place! Any news will be announced as soon as possible on this website and on facebook

Looking forward to see you again,


Since its humble beginnings as a half-day meeting in 2010, YOUMARES has grown tremendously and has developed into the largest meeting for young marine scientists in Germany. It is now well-known among young researchers as an excellent platform to present results to peers in a professional atmosphere that, at the same time, still manages to avoid the sometimes awe-inspiring character of established scientific meetings. It has also developed a reputation as a good place to exchange, network and foster ideas. In short, it has grown up while remaining young at heart.

From the second meeting onward, YOUMARES has attracted young researchers beyond Germany, and nowadays, it is not unusual to have participants from outside of Europe. The broad range of topics covered, reflects the rich and dynamic nature of young marine research. The diversity of participants and topics, as well as the growth in scope, reflect the active participation and commitment of the community that is behind YOUMARES. When I first became active in the small working group of the DGM from which the original idea for a ‘small network meeting’ developed, I had a vague idea of a potential platform that would reflect the current situation of students in the broad area of marine sciences and would provide some opportunities for exchange of thoughts and experiences. YOUMARES has since outgrown our wildest thoughts.

The wide range of topics and interdisciplinary character for me is one of the most important aspects of YOUMARES. Having spent my post-doc between ecology and social sciences, I know that while the issues faced in marine sciences often touch upon a number of areas, collaboration or even communication across scientific disciplines in most cases remains difficult. This is changing with the younger generation of scientists, who grow up in an academic environment where disciplinary barriers are increasingly blurred. The first step towards interdisciplinary thinking is done when one develops an interest for the questions posed by researchers from other areas, and YOUMARES is a prime example for such broad interest.

Inherent in any organization carried by and aimed at a young constituency, there is a constant flux of individuals – some people choose different paths, newcomers enter the scene. While some may see this as a risk for long-term institutional sustainability, I believe that this is another strong point of YOUMARES. After all, young science, indeed any science aiming to be relevant and innovative, needs to be abreast of current developments and thrives from the influx of new ideas. So far, YOUMARES has found the right balance between consistency and change, and in fact has thrived under constant new inputs.

For the future of YOUMARES, I hope that this event becomes a constant in the European marine science scene, that young researchers will continue to feel compelled to actively network and exchange views, and that this event will continue to reflect the breadth and latest trends of marine research. Certainly, this will also entail changes – I am waiting for the first YOUMARES outside Germany, and the potentials of virtual platforms for collaboration and exchange might be used beyond the planning phase – but I am confident that YOUMARES is here to stay.

Marine science is a small world where networks are important not only for guidance and support, but also for creativity and inspiration. I am sure that even while our professional paths progress from the ‘young’ phase onwards, we will remain connected by the links that YOUMARES establishes.

Dr. Sebastian Ferse
Head of YOUMARES Young Science Committee