Our team consists of motivated students with all kinds of different background in marine science and technology.

From classical marine Science, to aquaculture or bionics. The orga- team works on voluntary basis.

If you want to join our team or help at the days of YOUMARES on-site please contact:


Orga Team YOUMARES 11

Julia and Sarah

Since they met on their first Antarctic expedition in 2014, Julia and Sarah have been an unequal duo. While Julia lets herself be whirled joyfully through the air in the highest rides at the Bremen fair, Sarah is usually on the lookout for the best French fries stand. As much as Julia is juggling her intuitive, adventurous spirit with the PhD working life, Sarah is successfully bumping through life, both eventually finding themselves in the most wonderful places and challenges. While Julia remained true to the poles, investigating Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice fauna during her PhD, Sarah moved on to the tropics investigating the impacts of sewage on tropical communities and coasts. Now they are joining their diversity as forewoman of the YOUMARES orga-team.


Moin, I am Ramona. I wanted to study Marine Biology since I was a kid and have now finalised my dreams. I did my masters in Marine Biology at the University of Bremen and my favourite sea creatures are – the biggest of them all – the whales, but I am fascinated by all marine critter. During an Internship at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute I found my passion for marine acoustics. Now I have specialised in marine acoustics at the poles, spying on what the ocean, the ice and the whales have to say. As I am fascinated from the icy marine habitat my research interests are marine habitat alterations and how in particular marine mammals are affected by the ongoing changes. Looking forward to get to know you at the conference.


Hey, I am Selma, a 22-year-old marine biology student. I like to get hands-on experience, try new things and push myself into new situations – and so far, it always worked out great, ending up in amazing places, get to know inspiring people and broaden my horizon. During my gap year in Peru I worked with different people, got insights into the work of public relations and especially learned a lot about myself and my personal limits. While doing my bachelor’s in biology, I wanted experiences in marine biology and decided to go abroad for an internship. In Eilat, Israel I then fell in love with the ocean and coral reefs which are since then my greatest passion. For me it is now time to gain more experience in how to communicate science. Therefore, I am really looking forward to organizing the YOUMARES conference this year and meeting you in Kiel!


Hey, I am Beatrice and currently doing my master studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology at the University of Bremen. My interest to study biology arose while working abroad at a seabird rehabilitation center in Cape Town for six months. I witnessed the consequences of anthropogenic activities such as overfishing and tourism and learned the importance of conservational work together with a sustainable ecosystem management. In my master studies I am now focusing on the social aspects of ecosystem conservation, contributing to a holistic understanding of these systems.
My desire to make a difference led to me volunteering for Greenpeace because it is of great importance to me to raise interest in environmental topics and transfer scientific knowledge to the public. I am looking forward to organize the YOUMARES conference and join forces with you!


Nils is the electrical engineer in our team. Knowing marine science technologies, but as well bits and interfaces he is dealing with the webpage and all technical aspects coming up. He is based in Hamburg where he regularly volunteers for the Deutsche Meeresstiftung (German Ocean Foundation) and Aldebaran. In any situation Nils has a hands-on mentality and enjoys to work within a diverse team. Considering the critical climate crisis as well as marine pollution his main interest is to distribute this knowledge and to use his skills in any way to contribute the environmental awareness.


For Diana, education is the first step for the change! Diana is a marine biologist with an interest in marine ecology and environmental education as well as gender equality in science and education. Before she came to Hamburg, the lived the dream and worked in marine aquaculture and coral gardening at Rosario Islands, Caribbean Sea – Colombia. Now she is working in sustainability in maritime industry and supplements our team with social media and exploring possible post-conference activities in Kiel.


Veli is a marine biology graduate with interest in animal behaviour. She has worked on fish and cetacean behaviour in various projects and also spend time working for an expedition in a Hondurian jungle. Last year we saw the Wind2Win movie and heard about the project developed by her family to cross the Black Sea on windsurf, while also carrying out science on board of the support vessel and raising awareness about the plastic pollution issue. She is currently working as a conference manager in the higher education section and this year joining YOUMARES as our sustainability officer.


Since 2010 the YOUMARES is initiated by the working group “Studies and Teaching” of the German Association for Marine Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Meeresforschung). The DGM is a society that wants to promote the exchange of information and opinions on oceanographic topics and offers its approximately 400 members a framework for this. It supports the contacts among its members with the aim of stimulating the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and promoting cooperation and provides a forum for the discussion of research policy issues as well as maintains contacts with other (inter-) national societies.
Their team and members support us, the YOUMARES orga-team in every way possible. From the help with accounting issues, legal questions or getting us in touch with potential partners and speakers. At this place we want to thank them for their ongoing support!


I am Leila and currently doing my PhD at GEOMAR. I have lived by the sea all my life so my interest to study the ocean comes from this close connection, the influence it has had on me and the urge to understand and protect it. After my Bachelor’s degree on Fisheries and Aquatic science in Kenya, I moved to Germany to study Biological Oceanography. I am particularly interested in the consequences of climate change on the ocean and how marine life responds. Currently I am working on understanding the biogeochemical tipping points of the Humboldt upwelling system – one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. I am passionate about finding ocean-based solutions for the climate crisis we are facing. I am excited to join forces for the ocean at this year’s YOUMARES conference.