Our Team

Our team consists of motivated students with all kinds of different background in marine Science and technology. From classical marine Science, to aquaculture or bionics. The orga- team works on voluntary basis. If you want to join our team or help at the days of YOUMARES on-site in Hamburg please contact: info@youmares.org.


My fields of interest are marine ecology and environmental
education, currently I am working as a school teacher of natural sciences and I am also part of
the organising team for the YOUMARES conference. Also I am interested in education and inclusion programs for girls and woman in marine sciences and in topics like marine
microplastics and climate change.
I have always been involved in marine research and educating and I think education is the first step for change!


I am studying Biomimetics (B.Sc.) in Bremen. Biomimetics is a mix between all natural sciences and engineering, but I also have a deep interest in marine science. After graduating school I did a 12-month voluntary service at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven and absolved an internship at the Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde. I am looking forward to organising the Youmares 10 and to reviving my interest for marine science whilst studying!


My fields of interest are marine biology and neuroscience. In particular I like working in science communication. I think many people underestimate how deep the gap between “the science world“ and our daily life can be and I would love to do my bit in reducing this gap.
After school I worked as a volunteer at Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, which is also how I got involved in the Youmares conference.
Hope to see you then!


I studied environmental biology and marine biology in Bremen. Currently I’m in Hamburg working for the BUND. My main interests are marine spatial planning, marine conservation and ecosystem management, as well as the anthropogenic impact, environmental education and science communication. Especially now, facing the climate crisis, high marine pollution and species extinction, science communication and interdisciplinary exchange is important. 


Hello everyone, I am Katharina, 21 years old and I am studying Biology in Bremen. After school I worked as a volunteer in the Wadden Sea National Park in Schleswig-Holstein and here i developed my interest in Marine Biology, conservation and environmental education. I also did an internship at the Deutsches Meeresmuseum Stralsund, where I got an insight into biological research and science communication. I think one of the most important aspects in science is to get connected and to exchange views. So I am looking forward to help organising the Youmares Conference this year, to hear some inspiring talks and meet new people.

Hope to see you there!


My name is Sarah, I am known for my tendency to seasickness and glasses which never sit straight on my face. Aiming to become a tornado researcher at age 14, I am now trying to become a decent marine environmental scientist at the end of my twenties. My pragmatic mind seduced me to skip one or other university lecture in the past and getting instead hands–on education on several research expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. These experiences fueled my ocean enthusiasm and determination to step in for these vulnerable ecosystems. As an engineer by degree, I am excited for upcoming technological advances. Yet, I believe in the need for fast transformations in economy and personal lifestyles to maintain a livable future in every corner of our home planet for every species. Therefore, I am thrilled to meet bright and optimistic minds who will shape the future of our oceans, coasts and Ohana at YOUMARES10.