Ocean pollution and degradation – threats to human health?

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Direct or indirect exposure to pollutants through the water body, sediments or aquatic biota can threaten human health in manifold ways. Examples are the bioaccumulation of mercury along the aquatic food chain or the dispersal of fecal contaminants through insufficient waste water treatment. At the same time, the consequences for human health are varying upon contaminant, concentration, exposure duration and the persistence of the contaminants.
Moreover, the oceans provide a large variety of ecosystem services connected with the well-being and health. In this context, the degradation of the oceans has a detrimental effect on human health.

Thus, today and for all future generations, it is of key importance to obtain a better understanding of how ocean degradation and human health is connected. We invite speakers to present their research about the interaction of aquatic pollution and human health, without being restricted to topics such as contamination of seafood or other exposure routes to contaminants.

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