Session 7: Renewable Offshore Energy – Talking about Challenges and Chances

Host: Sebastian Öttinger (Siemens Gamesa, Cuxhaven)

Around the globe, we pledge to keep “the curve flat”. Fighting the pandemic will be the central mantra of the coming months, maybe even years. But how about the other curve? How about flattening the curve of global CO2 emissions and the devastating damage caused by the climate emergency? As vaccinations, testing and social distancing display central tools in the fight against the pandemic, a fast and honest transition to renewable energy production is the central pillar in keeping this planet livable for us and generations to come.

Significant potential for renewable energy harvest is seen offshore. Steady and powerful winds, currents and tides would offer virtually infinite energy sources. However, man-build structures, materials and infrastructure have to withstand harsh conditions. Impacts on the ecosystem during building and maintenance must be reduced to an absolute minimum.

These conditions present engineers and conservationist with significant challenges. In our session, we want to gain an insight into the current status of the global offshore renewable energy generation. We want to learn about the challenges and solutions of offshore engineering from technical but also ecological and socio-economic aspects. Therefore, we invite engineers, ecologists, as well as economists, to share their knowledge on challenges and chances of renewable offshore energy production with us.