This year YOUMARES 11 is happy to present you the following nine sessions.

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Session 1:

The microscopic engines of the oceans: role and strategies of marine microbes in a changing world

Session 2:

Assessing the real concentrations of microplastic and their actual effects on marine biota

Session 3:

Coral restoration & marine conservation

Session 4:

Fjord systems: Ecology, bentho-pelagic coupling, and anthropogenic impacts

Session 5:

How do marine key species respond to a rapidly changing environment?

Session 6:

Extracting non-renewable resources from the oceans: challenges and opportunities from the perspective of social acceptance

Session 7:

Machine learning in the marine sciences: opportunities and challenges

Session 8:

Let’s talk business – career perspectives for scientists in the maritime industry (closed session – no applications possible)

Session 9:

Open session