Dr. Peter P Kaupke

In the spirit of JOINING FORCES, we welcome Dr. Peter Kaupke to YOUMARES 11. Dr. Kaupke is an eye doctor by profession and managing director of a large private eye clinic in Hamburg. At heart, he is a friend of the ocean, an enthusiastic sailor with a passion for nature conservation and studying birds.

Last year he lead a 13 week Arctic expedition http://www.project-arctic-circle.com  with a crew from Hamburg. Starting from Kappeln, they sailed along the Norwegian Fjord coast up to Spitzbergen and back, covering a total of 10, 000 Km. With this expedition they wanted to first-hand experience and document the changes happening in our ocean and how people living in close proximity to the ocean are affected by this change. During their expedition, visiting the most remote of places, Dr. Kaupke met and interviewed local fishermen, Biologists, fellow sailors, scientists, religious leaders, meteorologists, ice and Glaciologist, fisheries and tourism experts. Even in these remote places along the arctic Archipelago, they experienced and documented what scientists and environmentalists have warned about: Our environment is changing faster than we think. This journey gave him and his crew insight and new perspective on the changing ocean.

During his talk, “Behind the curtain” Dr Kaupke will share his deep insight on the beauty of the untouched nature he experienced sailing the ocean but also the state of a tortured ocean. In his quest for clues on the question, How do we find our way back into a life that keeps humans and nature healthy? He will vividly show us impressions of the ocean beyond our eyes in the hope of enriching our values and perspective on the changing ocean.

Neus Figueras

Neus Figueras has a bachelor honours degree in Marine Science from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and an international master’s degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation. She has collaborated with the LIFE CUBOMED project addressing the proliferation of box jellyfish in the Mediterranean, worked at the ICM-CSIC managing oceanographic data and doing outreach, embarked on the Research Vessel Hesperides to study marine currents, collaborated with the University of Salento to restore underwater meadows, conducted marine ecology studies in Scotland, led a project on coral restoration in Myanmar, etc.

As an author, she has won six local and regional literary contests, studied Creative Writing, and always carries a notebook with her to write the sudden ups and downs of her characters. Her talk will focus on the power of storytelling to engage people on ocean protection and will present her book “Lorac” (https://imwithlorac.com) as an example of this science communication technique.

Session 8 speakers

During the online session on Let’s talk business – career perspectives for scientists in the maritime industry, we present 5 speakers. They will talk about their careers post graduation and give insight into their daily work and how they got to where they are. 

Dr. Eva Philipp, Head of Environment & Sustainability, BA Wind, Vattenfall

Jann Wendt, CEO, EGEOS GmbH

Roberto Benavides , Project Director, StartUp B² Sensors

Nuno Nunes , Technical Sales, SubCTech GmbH

Tim Neumann , Coastal & Harbor Engineer, ITT – Portconsult

Science meets Economy Event - (Wissenschaft trifft Wirtschaft)

Science meets Economy offers students the opportunity to make contact companies that intersect between marine science science and business

This event will take place physically but presentations from our speakers will be streamed online. We have invited 4 companies in business to talk about their projects and how their work transcends beyond Marine research. 

OceanBASIS GmbH Kiel

Dr Inez. Linke (Managing partner- Development and marketing in ocean cosmetics)

Dr. Levent Piker (Managing partner – Research and development in ocean activities and ocean Biotech)

Sea and Sun Tech

Prof. Dr. Heinz Schelwat (President and CEO)

SubCtech GmbH Kiel – Ocean Engineering

Nuno de Abreu Nunes – Technical sales and support

Sören Johannsen – Marketing

Research and Development Center (Kiel University of Applied Sciences)

Dr. Marie Helena Palesa Jager (Project UNITED)

Eva Strothotte (Project UNITED)