Workshop 2: Introduction to climate modelling – from code to simulation

Speaker: Dr. Sebastian Wagner 

Format: Physical attendance in Kiel

Participants: 20

Duration:  4 sessions of 90 minutes each

The main focus of the workshop is on the introduction to climate modelling concepts including examples from climate models with different levels of complexity. In this context, the advantages and disadvantages of the different models are discussed interactively from a conceptual point of view related to the robustness of inferences that can be drawn based on simulation results.

The hands-on session is on Energy Balance Models accompanied by exercises. In the second part hypotheses on the questions of the participants will be formulated and according models will be selected specifically suited for addressing and falsifying according hypotheses. Individual scientific questions from the participants will also be addressed in the sessions. Some basic knowledge of Unix/Linux operating systems and programming languages (Fortran, Matlab, R, Python) is preferential but not essential to take part in the course. Participants are also recommended to bring a computer with access to Unix/Linux operating systems in order to participate in the hands-on sessions.

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