Workshop 3: How to talk about climate protection successfully

Speaker: Dr. Christian Gutsche

Format: Online

Participants: no limit

Duration: 120 minutes

Do you know that? You want to get people to do something for the climate but they just don‘t. Or they have counter-arguments that might be true or leave you speechless.

Good climate communication is fact based, aims at solutions, and does mainly feel good. It is authentic and empathetic, it has a target and a target group. It names co-benefits of climate friendly behaviour. And it connects to our daily life.

In the interactive workshop, guidelines and examples for good climate communication will be presented. We will look at communicating facts, at emotions and getting into action, at targets and target groups and at resistance towards climate protection. These issues do also apply for science communication and environmental topics.   

Dr. Christian Gutsche is working as climate coach and climate entrepreneur. He is a physicist and worked in material science with a focus on solar cells and batteries. Facing the climate crisis, his deep desire is to empower people to get into climate action more effectively. 

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