Workshop 4: Using social media for science communication and career advancement

Speaker: Dr. Mirjam S. Glessmer, 

Format: Online

Participants: 15

Duration: 2 hours

This workshop consists of a short introduction to the benefits of using social media as a scientist, followed by a hands-on phase during which participants define their personal goals for online science communication, and from that goal determine their audience and their message. Examples are taken from profiles that are related to the ocean, ocean sciences or ocean scientists, especially from my own profiles. Participants leave with a clear idea of what online science communication might best suit their purposes, and how they would go about were they to start using it.           

Participants are encouraged to submit specific topics that should be discussed during the workshop, for example, whether to focus on science communication or career advancement, or on a specific social media means (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).  

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