YOUMARES 11 will take place on two platforms: Hopin (Conference app) and Zoom (meetings).

Take note! We respect your privacy. All of your personal contact information will be kept confidential. Rest assured that no contact information will be shared via any of these platforms. Happy networking!

Zoom will be used for workshops that require break out rooms. These will be

Workshop 2 – Introduction to Climate modelling – From code to simulation

Workshop 3 – How to talk about climate protection successfuly

Workshop 4 – Using social media for science communication and career advancement

The link to the zoom meetings will be sent to all participants that registered for these workshops.

Hopin :- All other conference activities i.e physical sessions that will be streamed online and all online sessions The schedule part of the Hopin platform has all the details regarding what will be being broadcasted at each time.

We are thrilled to have found a great tool that allows a truly interactive atmosphere for our Hybrid conference.  With Hopin, you won’t need to download any additional software or programmes that slow down your computer, and you can join and use all the functions of the virtual event platform directly in your browser! 

Account and Registration

Unlike typical webinar platforms, it’s necessary to create an account and profile on Hopin – but don’t worry, this is only to help you meet other attendees at the event! Just like using Linkedin, users will be able to check out your profile so that you can chat and connect with other professionals that are in the same event.

You will receive a unique link to the Hopin platform to the email address that you used to register for the conference. Please create your account and complete your profiles to support engagement networking and general friendliness.

To create a Hopin account and access the event,

  • Register for the online conference here
  • Follow the link that will be provided to you by email to access the Hopin event
  • Pick the YOUMARES 11 Access ticket
  • Select Join event
  • You will be asked to sign up and create an account
  • Set up your profile

Brief tour of Hopin

  • Reception

The Reception area is the welcome page or “lobby” of our conference. Here you can quickly find out what’s happening at the event currently, the organizer’s welcome message, sponsors, the schedule, and speakers. The Agenda of the day will be available in the Reception section on Hopin, right below the partners’ logos.

  • Stage

The Hopin Stage is where all the keynote and plenary talks will take place. We will also stream all the sessions happening physically in Hamburg on the stage. When there is something happening at the stage, the stage will indicate live

  • Sessions

Think of it as rooms during a conference. The ‘Sessions Area’ is where all the all online sessions and private networking take place through a livestream, similar to a Zoom meeting. Like a live conference, there will be many opportunities for the audience to participate in the discussions, and you will be able to ask questions directly to our presenters by sending them to the designated chat area for each session.

You can join the Sessions as a viewer and switch between Sessions and the Main Stage easily. Once you switch to the Sessions segment on the left sidepanel and open a specific Session, You will have 2 modes, watching and participating.

Watching – Viewer mode– If you are not giving a talk and just listening, use the watching mode. In this mode, just join any Session and watch the Speakers talk. During each talk, you will be able to engage in a dedicated Session chat on the right side panel. You can click on Leave at the top right corner to leave the Session at any time.

Tip: double-click on the video area to expand the Speaker or Screenshare view while on a Session.

Participating mode – This is only for the session hosts, organization team and participants giving a talk (speakers). Only these people can be on camera

We will send separate manuals for Speakers, Session hosts directly to your emails

  • Chat

Each session has its own group chat, separate from the event-wide chat. As a viewer, you can interact with the people who are in the session via chat using the Session chat. This is also the place to ask questions about a specific talk as the speaker is presenting.

  1. Event chat — this tab shows the global event chat where all participants can post messages. 
  2. Session chat — each session in Sessions has its own chat room. Attendees who are off-camera can chat in the session to interact with people on camera and vice-versa.
  3. Highlighted chat messages sent by Organizers. Chat messages sent by the Organizer will be highlighted to get easily identified by the Attendees
  • Networking

Making new connections is not easy without be able to attend in-person events, but we would like to bring you as many networking opportunities as possible to expand your network and open the door for new opportunities.

The ‘Networking’ area on Hopin helps you to meet other attendees by automating the discovery of new connections. When an attendee participates in the Networking and clicks the Ready button, they are matched with another attendee who has clicked the ready button and meet for a time pre-set by the event organiser (5 minutes) for a one-on-one meeting similar to a FaceTime call. When the time expires, the meeting ends.

Attendees can leave at any time and have the option to click the Connect button during a call to exchange contact information. If both people click Connect, a connection registers. When a connection registers, both people will see the others’ contact info on Connections tab of their Profile.

Attendees will not know if the other person clicked Connect until the end of the event. The purpose is to allow users to unawkwardly avoid giving out their contact information if they do not wish to. 

Note: The networking area will not be open throughout the entire event, and  will only be open at specific times as listed in the event programme.

If you have any further questions on navigating Hopin, please contact us at